Governance Framework

BIMM’s University’s governance framework has been developed and refined over the years to ensure the application of the highest standards of academic and corporate governance to protect and enhance the student interest. This framework is best represented as a series of committees, each with its own clearly defined composition and terms of reference, which are reviewed regularly.


Governance Org Chart



The document below sets out the governance infrastructure arrangements currently in place and the roles, responsibilities and composition of each committee. Governance, operational and academic functions are separated in this management structure, with key staff being members of multiple committees to ensure clear communication between these various groups.

Each committee meets regularly and, where relevant, minutes and action plans are published to students and staff. The effectiveness of each committee is reviewed internally each year, and the governance framework as a whole has also been reviewed by external sector specialists in addition to being subject to audit by the sector regulators, the Office for Students and the Quality Assurance Agency. This external scrutiny helps ensure that BIMM University’s is properly governed and regulated and enables us to be recognised by the Office for Students on its list of registered Higher Education providers.


Governance Infrastructure (PDF)


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