BIMM University students perform at COP28 for ‘We Are The Possible’ project

13 December, 2023

We are proud of our students and lecturers from BIMM Music Institute Bristol and Screen and Film School Manchester who made their way to Dubai as part of the ‘We Are The Possible’ project, an international programme of climate-inspired art and education involving leading scientists, health experts, educators, artists, youth leaders and students from the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

The project encompasses music, soundscapes, theatre performance, poetry, art, and education and aims to directly address policymakers and the public about the importance of science, education, and the arts and how they can help steer us towards a greener future.

Led by the University of Exeter, and funded by the British Embassy Gulf Strategy Fund, ‘We Are the Possible’ brings together BIMM University and a host of significant organisations, including the Emirates Literature Foundation, the British Council UAE, the Met Office, Khorfakkan University, the Theatre of Others, the British Embassy in the UAE, and a network of schools in the UAE and the UK.

Our expert lecturers, Dr Jono Gilmurray and Cliff Jones, are leading the music and soundscapes part of the programme, with support from a host of students across multiple BIMM University faculties. Some lucky students travelled to Dubai to perform songs they’d developed and were accompanied onstage by mime specialists from the Sharjah-based Art for All theatre group.

Daisy Gibbons, a Marketing, Media and Communications student from BIMM Institute Music Bristol, who was in attendance, had this to say:

“As a first-year student, I was not expecting to get this opportunity when Cliff mentioned it in class, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. I kept emailing him for weeks on whether he had made a decision, and I think he admired my persistence. I was so excited to work on this, as climate change is our most crucial challenge in this age. Anything I can do to help is one step closer to a better world.

‘We Are The Possible’ has been a fantastic project to work on. I think art and music can change people’s minds and motivate them to do the right thing, and that’s what this did. The artists were so hardworking and dedicated and genuinely cared about the issue of climate change. You can hear that emotion in their songs.

I developed so many skills doing this and learnt a lot about myself. BIMM University has been so rewarding as we are pushed to go out into the world and get experience, which is the most important education you can get.”

Jacob Perrin, a Filmmaking student from Screen and Film School Manchester, will be producing a short documentary about the trip, he added:

“Documenting COP28 on behalf of BIMM University was an absolute dream come true. Of course, professionally, the trip was invaluable, allowing us to meet and network with some extremely important people whilst gathering priceless experience. But personally, it was life-changing. Through all its highs and lows, this trip has been transformative, eye-opening and, in many ways, healing. Throughout the trip, this group of strangers have grown to be somewhat of a family, constantly pushing each other to strive for greatness, making us all realise just how far we can go to create our art.

I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this experience and cannot wait to share our documentary with the world, to showcase the utopia that was COP 28, the beauty of Dubai and most importantly, the flourishing talent and relationships between these wonderful artists.”

Our involvement in the project will continue following our visit to COP28. Screenings of a documentary about the project produced by Screen and Film school students who travelled to Dubai are being planned, as well as further concerts involving more students.

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