BIMM University announces launch of Creative Technology faculty

31 July, 2023

BIMM University is excited to announce that from September 2024, students can study at our brand-new Creative Technology faculty.

By blending our long-established creative industries’ education expertise to deliver industry-leading, state-of-the-art games courses, we aim to become the go-to university for the next generation of students looking to shape the future of animation, video games, virtual reality and the rapidly expanding design technology sector.

Furthermore, we are equally thrilled to announce that this faculty will encompass three industry-focused undergraduate degrees: BA (Hons) Games Art Technology, BA (Hons) Games Design and Development, and BSc (Hons) Games Technology – an additional groundbreaking moment for BIMM University as we continue to innovate our curriculum by offering a Bachelor of Science degree for the first time.

With that in mind, this creative faculty will initially exist at our Brighton campus as part of Screen and Film School, as well as in Germany at BIMM Institute Berlin. As these two schools already have screen-based degree courses, facilities and equipment, they are perfectly suited to welcoming a new faculty that revolves around creating brilliant computer games.

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What will BIMM University’s Creative Technology faculty look like?

This brand-new faculty is interdisciplinary and combines creativity, design and technology and will allow students to develop innovative experiences in areas such as video games, animation, and VFX.

Using industry-standard tools, students will be encouraged to explore and master emerging technologies, including real-time rendering engines such as Unreal Engine, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Whether through character and level design, storyboarding or innovative code, students can focus on their personal games development journey. Additionally, enrolling on one of our new degree courses will allow students to connect and learn alongside peers in different locations as Brighton students unite with their coursemates in Berlin.

Key details for students about our new Creative Technology faculty and what will be on offer for students:

  • Understand how games are built from the ground up
  • Understand how 3D models are designed, built and deployed into games engines
  • Learn the key elements of design for characters and environments
  • Understand how to tell visual stories
  • Understand play and why it’s so important
  • Take a deep dive into Unreal and Unity and learn to use Blueprints, C# and C++ to build mechanics
  • Build games on a host of exciting platforms such as VR, Mobile and Console


What are the new courses?

Further details of the three undergraduate courses, which share common themes and cross-disciplinary modules:

  • BA (Hons) Games Design and Development: Concentrate on design practices within the games industry while developing technical design skills and understanding the intricacies of game development.
  • BA (Hons) Games Art and Technology: Focus on the visual elements of game production, exploring the technology and software driving the industry.
  • BSc (Hons) Games Technology: Gain a deeper understanding of essential game technologies and their diverse applications in industries as broad as architecture, automotive, and medical fields.


Assisting the launch of this brand-new faculty will be Nick Rodriguez as Dean of Games & Creative Technology, and he had this to say about the news:

“This is a very exciting time for BIMM University, and particularly for Screen and Film School and BIMM Institute Berlin, as we launch our first creative technology courses. We are putting together an innovative and fun suite of courses that really have the potential to shape the future of games and creative technology education in the UK.”

Echoing Nick’s words, BIMM University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost Louise Jackson said this:

“The development of our provision to include creative technology is a natural evolution of our portfolio of courses at BIMM University following our highly successful expansion into screen and film. I’m especially delighted to see how these courses will continue with the BIMM University ethos of providing industry-focused degrees, taught by industry experts who are passionate about developing the next generation of technology students for the creative industries.”

We look forward to sharing more details about this brand-new faculty and accompanying three undergraduate degree courses soon, as well as welcoming our very first Creative Technology faculty students to BIMM University next year.


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