BIMM University collaborates with pioneering AI music software company, DAACI

25 October, 2023

BIMM University is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with DAACI, an innovative AI music software company, offering unique opportunities for its students.

DAACI, a developer of next-generation smart and AI creative music tools, offers a range of patented technologies that empower music creators to address the increasing demand for personalised music. Their technologies include tools that enhance the creative process by dynamically composing new music in real time and smart editing systems that seamlessly adapt existing tracks.



The technology behind DAACI is the result of over 30 years of research and has been created by a world-class team of musicians and composers. With a growing portfolio of 60 granted patents and support from partnerships with the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence and Music at Queen Mary University of London, as well as the innovative Abbey Road Red incubator, DAACI stands as the preferred solution for creators in the music industry.

Through their pioneering plugins and tools, music creators can access a unique approach and a deep understanding of music theory, providing them with a wealth of musical experience at their disposal.

A significant aspect of this partnership is the creation of internship opportunities for BIMM University’s students. By working closely with DAACI, students will gain invaluable real-world experience in the field of AI music software, setting the stage for a promising future in the music industry.

David Jones-Owen, CEO and Vice Chancellor of BIMM University, said the following about the partnership, “By partnering with DAACI, we are opening doors to a new era in music education and innovation at BIMM University. Our students will have the unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge AI music software and gain hands-on experience that will shape their future in the music industry. This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing the best resources and experiences for our students.”

“We are truly excited about the collaboration between DAACI and BIMM University,” Said Rachel Lyske, DAACI CEO. “We are passionate about supporting the academic sector, young artists and students, and this collaboration will play a vital role in empowering the next generation through the use of our pioneering AI tools, internships and exposure to our network of thought leaders within the ethical AI music space.”

The collaboration between BIMM University and DAACI signifies a proactive approach to equip the next generation of music professionals with cutting-edge tools and experiences, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute to the evolving landscape of the music industry.


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